Friday, October 12, 2012

Emerging therapies and alternative treatment strategies

Work is constantly being done to learn more about new ways to treat MS. Biotherapies continue to make their way from trial to market. Innovative and box alternative treatment strategies are also being studied to understand and treat MS.


  1. There are a lot of alternative medicines emerging lately and who's to say that they are not as effective as the conventional way? My friend is a chiro. It's a person who performs a kind of massage that can help a person gain his/her natural body alignment. I guess it just depends on the person if he/she would like to explore these gray areas.

  2. I think we should give alternative medicine more credit. There are a lot of my friends who are living testaments of their effectiveness. Some meditation courses, for example, they soothe the mind and the body and once you're in the zone, the physiological aspect of your being relaxes. There are a lot of options and openness is the key.

  3. Multiple Sclerosis is one of the main reasons of incontinence. I was suffering from it and few months ago I started facing incontinence issues. Though I am using incontinence pads and adult diaper on regular basis, my condition is becoming worse day by day. I am also doing Kegel, but it is also not much effective.