Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 4 at ECTRIMS: Recent findings related to CCSVI


  1. So we're still in the identification stage and using this information for symptom treatment only.
    Why aren't you using the vast resources to seek root cause treatment?
    Knowing the genome to tailor a drug treatment choice doesn't do a thing for progression.
    Please use the vast amount of money to get to the root cause and maybe finally figure out what causes the disease instead of using valuable resources to study, study, study, and then study some more.
    Realize that so many of us are crippled. We don't have time for all of these symptom tailoring findings.
    You've promised for years to end the devastating affects of MS. However, we're no closer to that now than we we're 50 years ago.

  2. Get trained properly by the REAL EXPERTS if MS neuros want to take over the IRs job. There is no confusion if you get the proper protocols and get the proper experts to do this job. Real simple. Then the MSSs can research the cause of MS as you have been doing for six decades.

  3. The Doppler ultrasound is the LEAST efficient of the diagnostic tools. To start with, you need to thoroughly address all the facts.......The MRV and catheter venography are far superior in diagnosing CCSVI, especially venography, which looks at all the major veins.

    Having neurologists as spokespeople is ridiculous, since they are the LEAST knowledgeable regarding CCSVI. (Dr. David Hubbard is the exception)

  4. Doppler US is good for assessing flow but not for diagnosing CCSVI. Catheter venography with IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) is the new gold standard for CCSVI diagnostics because there are many intraluminal malformations, such as webs, septums, and inverted valves, that affect flow but cannot be seen by venography.

    The most experienced IVUS IRs are Drs. Salvatore Sclafani in Brooklyn, NY, and Michael Cumming of Minneapolis, MN. For CCSVI IVUS discussions go to the CCSVI forum at

  5. Why is a neurologist with obvious conflict of interest even reporting on the vascular aspect of CCSVI
    Consulting. Dr. Fox receives fees of $5,000 or more per year as a paid consultant or speaker for the following companies:

    Biogen Idec
    MEDACorp, Inc.

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